Learn to stop giving a shit what people think.

Do you spend too much time thinking about what you “should” be doing..thinking… instead of what you actually WANT to do…?


Possibly one of the biggest hurdles that I have overcome in my journey to health and well being has been getting over the fear of what other people think of me. This applies to life in general but I think we all face this at some point in our journey through fitness. So really, what should our response be to other people’s opinions? Well, here is mine – FUCK IT. 

I spent many many years of my life worrying about what other people thought of me, wondering what they were saying about me behind my back, and always putting other people’s plans, feelings, EVERYTHING before my own. Having suffered from health related anxiety for many years, it is still something I slip back in to doing, but I can quickly slip back out of it again. What if they notice I’m bloated today? They must think I’ve put weight on. I’m supposed to be a good role model and look at me. What will people think of me if I take time off, eat a fucking slice of pizza… etc etc. The list goes on and may seem trivial and completely irrational but are completely true. 

A perfect example of this happens often to myself AND my clients when it comes to eating habits. Other people see you eating well and looking after yourself, and then try to make you feel bad for it. Like it’s not the right thing to be doing. Not only that but they try to lure you away from it. 

“Oh, come on, just have ONE” or “Surely you can just have a little bit? You worked really hard for it” The only reason they’re saying this is because they don’t have the strength to do it for themselves and sort out their own shitty eating habits. And they’re trying to get reassurance from you that what they eat is “okay”. 

Why should you care what people think of you?

Why are we all so scared of being selfish? Always putting others before ourselves and feeling obliged constantly to be here, be there, do this, do that. Have you ever been in a situation where you are “supposed” to be somewhere, do something but you really don’t want to? You’re only doing it because you’re “supposed” to do it, or because someone else wants you to do it? It happens to us all daily. Why should you spend ONE SECOND of your life doing something because you feel that you “SHOULD”.? 

It has taken me a long time to have the guts to be selfish. I have often canceled nights out, dinner and other occasions because of my anxiety and although the select few don’t understand and don’t even bother trying to – the vast majority – and the ones that MATTER – do understand. I could have just gone because I “should” be there – but instead I was selfish and did what was best for me – and this is a choice that EVERYBODY should be able to make.

  • Starting being selfish
  • Stop giving a fuck what other people think about you
  • Stop doing things just because you SHOULD do them. Those who truly care about you will respect your decisions whatever they may be.
  • Spend time with people who are like minded, who love you for who you are and will drive you forward towards your dream.
  • Forget the haters. They do not deserve your energy.
  • Be yourself.
  • Be the complete opposite of what everyone expects you to be.
  • Say what you think, not what others expect you to say.
“Why? Cause what’s a life worth living if you are not really living your own life, but the life others expect you to live…. (Ben Coomber).”





Fuck You Anxiety.

Fuck You Anxiety.

Tonight I ate in a restaurant for the first time in probably the best part of 2 years – and I’m so fucking proud of this that I decided to write something quickly about it.

Having battled with anxiety for the past decade or so, related to my IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) – I have basically become completely fearful of eating out, to the point where I make excuses not to go out for dinner, lunch … WHATEVER. So I set myself a goal at the beginning of this year and that was:

“I want to be able to go out to a restaurant with friends without feeling anxious, or getting sick whilst I’m there…”

And tonight, I did it.

Most people take eating out in a restaurant with friends or family for granted, right? You go out, you enjoy a good meal and wine with great company and chat and you don’t even give it a second thought… For me – this is MASSIVE. It requires DAYS of preparing myself in my head!

Anxiety took me from someone who ate out pretty much EVERY week TWICE a week, to someone so anxious about getting sick in public that even stepping foot outside the house was a challenge.

My journey over the past 3 months has consisted of the fucking biggest ups and downs imaginable – but tonight, I ATE IN A RESTAURAAAAANNNNTTT – and what’s even more awesome, I didn’t even THINK about it. I wasn’t feeling fearful or anxious, not even a little tiny bit. I know I still have a long way to go on my journey to health but to have achieved this goal that I set in January is absolutely HUGE for me.

No matter HOW shit you feel, and no matter how much you think that things will never get better – please please PLEASE trust me when I say that if you commit to getting better – it WILL happen. I couldn’t have done this alone and I have a lot of people to thank for their help. They know who they are.

Next step for me…. face my fear of getting on a bus. No idea what bus or where it’s going though… preferably somewhere with sunshine and blue skies, because that makes me happy.

Give anxiety the middle finger because it doesn’t need to rule your life.

~ Rachael


99% of Fitness Class Users DO NOT Achieve Their Weight Loss Goals

Firstly let me say that 99% isn’t based on any studies, nor have I done any scientific research into exact numbers – but it is used as a figure of speech to say that most people who use fitness classes alone – DO NOT LOSE WEIGHT AND KEEP IT OFF FOR LIFE. Now that’s a fact.

You. Love. Fitness. Classes. So do I, actually (probably a good thing seeing as I teach the bloody things day in day out…). However, my body doesn’t look and feel the way it looks and feels by doing or teaching fitness classes. Far from it. Classes I teach like Body Combat & Body Pump – yes, they challenge me & I am a fucking sweaty mess by the end of them… but are they alone getting me to my goals? NO – they are not. 
“I do double spin on a Monday, Body Attack on a Tuesday (MORNING!), Metafit in the afternoon and Body Combat at night… on a Wednesday I do Body Pump and then Spin…” BLAH BLAH BLAH. I’ve heard it all before. Very good – give yourself a pat on the back… Now – what did you have for breakfast this morning?
Typical things I hear and see – “you earned it, you can eat whatever you want – you work out ALL the time. You did two classes today – you DESERVE that chocolate, biscuit, crisps, bottle of wine” – the list goes on. You know what….? HELL YEAH YOU WORKED HARD!! Are you trying to lose body fat, lose weight, change your body shape, drop a dress size? Well then I’m sorry but I’ve got news for you. All those “treats” that you “DESERVE”….? They’re not gonna get you to your goals…. sorry to burst your bubble!
Good nutrition that is specific to your goals is 90% of the fat loss battle. You can’t out train a bad diet – and that is a FACT. You also can’t really be expected to know what is right and what is wrong due to the fact that there are literally HUNDREDS….THOUSANDS of “diets” on the marketplace these days who, by the way, are taking your money and filling your head full of complete and utter bullshit. 
The main big names that grind my gears are: HERBALIFE – World’s Number ONE in providing your body with the most potent chemical shit storm on the market. Congratulations – you just skipped another meal in favour of a powder that I wouldn’t even use as gym chalk for fear of it burning my hands. Weight Watchers and other slimming clubs who promote their pre-packaged, processed to buggery, filled with sugar, preservatives and additives SHITE. But hey, if you want to keep eating numbers instead of food? Be my guest. 

What happened to eating real, honest, fresh, organic, delicious, colourful food?

Those words make me happy. Fresh. Organic. No processing involved. Nourishing. I love food. In fact I would go as far as to say that it is one of the most important things in my life… Obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated. I’m dedicated to my health, are you?

So why do the vast majority of fitness class users not achieve their fat loss goals? Nutrition. Or lack thereof. How do I know this? Because I’ve been there. Yes, if you start using fitness classes after a lifetime of little to no physical activity – you WILL see your body change without doing too much to your diet. 

You’ve hit that point that you just can’t get past. You can’t understand why you can’t get rid of that last couple of kilos, that belly fat, those love handles …. how can that be… when you attend 300 fitness classes a week…? Nutrition. Or lack thereof. You can make a few simple changes to see huge results – and it’s not rocket science. You don’t need to count points or calories to achieve this – and you don’t need to eat rabbit food either. 
There is a question I need to ask you though. Do you REALLY want to change? Are you really ready or are you just talking a good game? Typical conversation….
I want to lose weight – but I just don’t have time, I have kids, I work full time, I have a husband, wife, partner to look after…… sorry what? If you don’t have time for your health – what exactly do you have time for? We all have the same 24 hours in a day – I have helped women with large families, full time hectic jobs, and busy lives to make small changes to their daily routines which have had HUGE impacts on their health.
Health will benefit your time management, your kids, your work, your partner. It becomes less about the weight loss and more about the life gain. How about some more energy and better sleep? More productivity at work and the ability to keep up with the kids? See what I mean….?
So, do you REALLY want to change? Or are you just good at talking a good game? Everybody can talk about what they “need” to do. It takes real raw determination and drive to walk the talk, though.  Ask me how you can cut your fitness classes in HALF – create extra hour gaps in your weekly life that will create a brand new life for you. Goals. We all have them, even if we don’t speak them aloud – and I want to get YOU to YOUR goals. 
99% of fitness class users DON’T achieve their weight loss goals… will you be the first one to step up and say – YEAH, that’s me! I’m the one who comes home from class and thinks I “deserve” that treat – every single night? Let’s work together to change the 99% to the people who come home from class and nourish their bodies with good nutrition – to get us all leaner, fitter and stronger. The way we were meant to be. 
It’s a lifestyle choice, not a diet. I, we, my clients, my friends, my family – we choose health. We want to live long lives to inspire our children, to be bursting with energy every single day. To be asked – where do you get all your energy? To be told – you look amazing! To pull on a pair of old skinny jeans and have them button up perfectly. To wake up each morning thinking – BRING IT ON! 
That’s what Walk the Talk Fitness is all about. It’s about your life, not your weight. It’s about the feeling not the numbers. It’s about waking up in the morning and feeling alive. It’s about knowing you’re doing everything you can to be healthy. It’s about knowing you can trust someone with your well-being, who has the qualifications & experience that you need to help you start YOUR own journey. It’s about having birthday cake and not feeling guilty. Because alone we are weak – together we are strong.
Leave the bullshit behind and start your journey today…
~ Rachael

Disclaimer: Statistics quoted in this blog were for illustrative purposes only and do not reflect any studies carried out on the subject. 

> We do not condone eating birthday cake every day. We just like to enjoy it once a year knowing that it won’t affect our health. We don’t “deserve” it. We just eat it because we want to.

> You are not a dog. Don’t reward yourself with food.  

> Stop talking. Start doing.  


Girls should be lifting heavy weights…

Suck it up ladies – you need to start lifting some weights…!

Perhaps you’ve already dabbled in the weights section of the gym, picked up some dumbbells and done a couple of curls, or even picked up a barbell. Maybe you have a set of dumbbells at home, but every time you lift those weights you feel a little insecure, unprepared and maybe you have no idea whatsoever what it is that you’re actually meant to do with them!

You’ve heard horror stories about what happens when you start lifting weights, right? Lifting heavy weights make women bulky and gain loads of muscle, it’s bad for your joints; it’s dangerous and worst of all – if you stop lifting weights that bulky muscle will just turn to fat!! This is all bullshit, and now I’m going to explain why.

If you’re serious about your fitness goals, and you want to lose fat and change shape – then lifting weights in an essential part of the program – for both women AND men. Don’t get me wrong – other types of training like HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and cardiovascular training have their place as well but for now I will focus on those barbells and other fun stuff!  Here are a few reasons why we should be lifting weights:

1. Lifting weights burns fat – there is no two ways about it, if you want to burn fat from your body – lifting weights is the way to go. You may think that lifting weights is only for people who want to gain size and muscle, and yes it will build lean muscle tissue; but you will burn fat both DURING and AFTER a session too. A heavy weights session will create an “afterburn” or EPOC (post-exercise exercise consumption) effect whereby you will continue to require additional oxygen in the hours (even days) after the workout thus fat burning.

2. Lift weights = more lean muscle tissue = more calories burned. Lean muscle tissues burns more calories at rest than adipose (fat) tissue and let’s face it – we spend the vast majority of our days “at rest” whether that be sitting at our desks, sitting at the computer, driving, sitting reading a book or sitting watching television. As you increase your strength and lean muscle mass by lifting weights you will increase the number of calories you burn while you’re at rest. Yet another reason to pick up the barbell girls (and boys)!

3. Increased energy. As I explained above, a good weight lifting session will cause you to have increased energy expenditure AFTERWARDS – so instead of grabbing that energy drink, perhaps it’s time that you hit the gym and picked up something a bit heavier.

4. Lifting weights contributes towards a HEALTHY HEART. Picking up the dumbbells can reduce your risk of heart disease AND has been approved by the American Heart Association as a healthy form of exercise for those at risk. Pumping iron can reduce your risk of high blood pressure too.

5. Healthy bones are made in the gym. Girls, as we age, we are more at risk of developing osteoporosis – a medical condition in which the bones become brittle and fragile in some cases due to a reduction in production of the hormone oestrogen. By training against resistance, you will decrease your risk of developing osteoporosis and increase your bone health. Still undecided if lifting weights is for you? I have one last reason and I’ve saved it to last because it’s my favourite.

6. Lifting weights relieves STRESS. Believe it or not, lifting weights and exercising in general has been found to greatly relieve many symptoms of stress. So next time you feel like you need to blow off some steam, hit the gym and lift some weights instead of diving head first into a cinema sized bag of maltesers. Got it?

I hope you have learned a few things about why lifting weights is important and why we should all be doing it! Remember if you need help you can go to >> http://www.walkthetalkfitness.co.uk << 

Eating Well Without Breaking the Bank

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the thought of shopping for ‘healthy’ foods, you’re not alone. One of the most common complaints I hear about sticking to a new eating programme is that people can’t afford to keep buying healthy foods. The short answer to the predicament is that yes, often a healthier diet can appear more expensive. The slightly longer and more accurate answer is that your previous diet was jam-packed with cheap nonsense which has no right making its way into your body, and that if you want to see genuine improvements in your health and wellbeing you are going to have to invest a little more than you have in the past, and this investment may come in the form of a few shopping trips.

The rewards you will reap from these shopping trips however will save you more than just money in the course of your lifetime. How about cutting your risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, increasing your fitness levels and life expectancy to name a few? Are these really to be so quickly dismissed at the thought of a cheaper food bill? With that said, there are definitely ways to cook and eat more efficiently in order to stick to your plan and not spend unnecessarily. 

 For a start, your should stop buying pre-made versions of foods like salads, sandwiches, microwave meals and soups. They may seem convenient for lunch but adding the cost up over the month (a sandwich and a drink per day is about £5 which amounts to £100 a month) will definitely push you over your food budget without you even realising it. Instead spend less than a tenner and pick up a lettuce, a bag of carrots, some peppers and a whole chicken and make enough lunches to last you the week as well as some easy dinners.

Often protein can be the most expensive ingredient when people start eating healthily, as processed meats are deemed as more convenient and often less preparation is involved. Incorporating that all important protein into each meal can be made more affordable by using some of these tricks. Canned fish is a great option and can be kept on hand for those moments when you realise you have nothing in the fridge but vegetables. Eggs aren’t just for breakfast – omelettes, pancakes or scrambled egg served with leftover vegetables is a quick and cheap option for lunch or dinner. It’s also a good idea to boil a batch of eggs at the start of the week and use them to add extra protein to any meal. Frozen prawns are also reasonably priced and can be quickly defrosted to make salads and stir fries at the drop of a hat.

Fruit and vegetables an essential part of a healthy diet, but don’t get sucked into buying the more expensive varieties. Pre-chopped packets are often twice the price of regular versions and will spoil quicker in left unused. If you like your vegetables ready prepared, spend one day a week washing and chopping up all your veggies and store in airtight containers ready for use. Frozen vegetables are a much cheaper option and can usually be cooked in minutes. Frozen fruit is also a great addition to homemade smoothies, yoghurt and pancakes.

Most households will have some waste, but planning effectively should make sure you minimise this as much as possible. Keep a notepad in your kitchen and write down anything that you throw in the bin and the reason why. You might find that certain foods go off quickly, in which case you could plan to eat these earlier in the week before they spoil. You might find that a bag of carrots always lingers as you only use one or two a week, so you could plan to make soup with them in future or use them as an extra snack to take to work. On the other hand, you may just find you are bored with eating the same foods all the time and need to get some inspiration before hitting the aisles next week.

Remember to set a budget every week and work around a meal plan to ensure you don’t pick up anything you don’t need at the supermarket. Get familiar with the reduced isles, look out for deals and buy in season fruit and vegetables for optimum freshness. Try shopping in the same store regularly and take advantage of any points schemes they have to get even more money off. Remember, look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves. Not to mention those pounds and inches dropping off your waistline!


 This guest blog was written by Fiona Reid – you can find her blog at http://www.fionalikestoblog.com. 

How To Get the Most Out of Your Body Pump Class

Hopefully this will be useful to those thinking about starting Body Pump and those who have been doing it for years! Sometimes we forget what’s important….

It won’t take very much to get more out of your BodyPUMP class so here are some tips to get bigger results, faster!  If you have any other questions feel free to email me on walkthetalkpt@gmail.com…. It is difficult as an instructor to get all the information across in a 60 minute class so here is some additional stuff which might help you get more from your workout…!

1. High reps / low weights…. 

I’ve recently noticed an increase in weights but a real decrease in range of movement and tempo within my BP classes and I want to make sure you get the most out of the class. All BodyPUMP tracks should be challenging and take your muscles to “overload” – but should not be so difficult that you can’t actually complete the track with good technique.

Listen to your instructors advice on weight selection – weight selection is guided from Les Mills as follows:

1. Warm-up – no more than 5kg on each side for women / 7.5kg for men

2. Squats – Regular participants 3-4 times your warmup weight (Newcomers double your warmup weight))

3. Chest – Regular participants take ONE THIRD away from your squat weight (Newcomers take half off)

4. Back – Changing per release however as a general rule should be slightly heavier than your chest weight

5. Triceps – Changes per release

6. Biceps – should resemble your warmup weight or slightly heavier (NEVER LESS THAN WU WEIGHT – you have been warned!)

7. Lunges – Changes per release but generally Chest/Back track weight

8. Shoulders – Warmup weight or heavier

Remember that RANGE OF MOVEMENT AND TEMPOS are MORE IMPORTANT than WEIGHT. There are tempos that we use in BodyPUMP – 2/2 , 3/1, 1/1/2, 4/4 (Super slow), 1/1 (Singles), bottom halfs and these should be followed as your instructor leads the class from set choreography. The tempos are there to challenge different parts of the muscle and to train your body in different ways – they should not be ignored. Let the music guide you!

Range of movement will come naturally, listen to your instructors cues who will tell you your target zones – try your best to reach these. If you cannot complete a track with full range of movement then you should consider lowering your weight. You will see quicker results this way.

 2. Don’t Skip the Stretches

 It really shocks me the number of people who skip the stretches between tracks and at the end. The stretches occur in the last five minutes of the class as well as IN BETWEEN TRACKS. Please stick around for the stretches. Your instructor will take offence otherwise.

3. Frequency

 It is recommended that you complete a strength training workout 2-3 times per week. This will allow your body to gain muscular strength, lean muscle mass, fat loss and protect your bones and joints. If you are attending a BodyPUMP class only once in a month or once in a while, your body isn’t receiving all the benefits this class has to offer. Do this class more frequently and you will increase your muscle tone, strength, and your overall health!

4. Come to Class Early! 🙂

Your instructor will LOVE it if you come to class EARLY – especially if you’re new. On that note, if you are new, tell the instructor STRAIGHT AWAY, don’t be shy, and don’t copy what the rest of the class are doing. Your instructor will help you get set up for the first time & make sure you’re good to go. ASK US QUESTIONS!

5. Ask Questions…

Don’t be shy – your instructor is there to help you. If you have any questions related to the class, always ask!

Hope these tips help you – new or regular participant we should all be making the most of these 60 minutes!