How To Get the Most Out of Your Body Pump Class

Hopefully this will be useful to those thinking about starting Body Pump and those who have been doing it for years! Sometimes we forget what’s important….

It won’t take very much to get more out of your BodyPUMP class so here are some tips to get bigger results, faster!  If you have any other questions feel free to email me on…. It is difficult as an instructor to get all the information across in a 60 minute class so here is some additional stuff which might help you get more from your workout…!

1. High reps / low weights…. 

I’ve recently noticed an increase in weights but a real decrease in range of movement and tempo within my BP classes and I want to make sure you get the most out of the class. All BodyPUMP tracks should be challenging and take your muscles to “overload” – but should not be so difficult that you can’t actually complete the track with good technique.

Listen to your instructors advice on weight selection – weight selection is guided from Les Mills as follows:

1. Warm-up – no more than 5kg on each side for women / 7.5kg for men

2. Squats – Regular participants 3-4 times your warmup weight (Newcomers double your warmup weight))

3. Chest – Regular participants take ONE THIRD away from your squat weight (Newcomers take half off)

4. Back – Changing per release however as a general rule should be slightly heavier than your chest weight

5. Triceps – Changes per release

6. Biceps – should resemble your warmup weight or slightly heavier (NEVER LESS THAN WU WEIGHT – you have been warned!)

7. Lunges – Changes per release but generally Chest/Back track weight

8. Shoulders – Warmup weight or heavier

Remember that RANGE OF MOVEMENT AND TEMPOS are MORE IMPORTANT than WEIGHT. There are tempos that we use in BodyPUMP – 2/2 , 3/1, 1/1/2, 4/4 (Super slow), 1/1 (Singles), bottom halfs and these should be followed as your instructor leads the class from set choreography. The tempos are there to challenge different parts of the muscle and to train your body in different ways – they should not be ignored. Let the music guide you!

Range of movement will come naturally, listen to your instructors cues who will tell you your target zones – try your best to reach these. If you cannot complete a track with full range of movement then you should consider lowering your weight. You will see quicker results this way.

 2. Don’t Skip the Stretches

 It really shocks me the number of people who skip the stretches between tracks and at the end. The stretches occur in the last five minutes of the class as well as IN BETWEEN TRACKS. Please stick around for the stretches. Your instructor will take offence otherwise.

3. Frequency

 It is recommended that you complete a strength training workout 2-3 times per week. This will allow your body to gain muscular strength, lean muscle mass, fat loss and protect your bones and joints. If you are attending a BodyPUMP class only once in a month or once in a while, your body isn’t receiving all the benefits this class has to offer. Do this class more frequently and you will increase your muscle tone, strength, and your overall health!

4. Come to Class Early! 🙂

Your instructor will LOVE it if you come to class EARLY – especially if you’re new. On that note, if you are new, tell the instructor STRAIGHT AWAY, don’t be shy, and don’t copy what the rest of the class are doing. Your instructor will help you get set up for the first time & make sure you’re good to go. ASK US QUESTIONS!

5. Ask Questions…

Don’t be shy – your instructor is there to help you. If you have any questions related to the class, always ask!

Hope these tips help you – new or regular participant we should all be making the most of these 60 minutes!


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