99% of Fitness Class Users DO NOT Achieve Their Weight Loss Goals

Firstly let me say that 99% isn’t based on any studies, nor have I done any scientific research into exact numbers – but it is used as a figure of speech to say that most people who use fitness classes alone – DO NOT LOSE WEIGHT AND KEEP IT OFF FOR LIFE. Now that’s a fact.

You. Love. Fitness. Classes. So do I, actually (probably a good thing seeing as I teach the bloody things day in day out…). However, my body doesn’t look and feel the way it looks and feels by doing or teaching fitness classes. Far from it. Classes I teach like Body Combat & Body Pump – yes, they challenge me & I am a fucking sweaty mess by the end of them… but are they alone getting me to my goals? NO – they are not. 
“I do double spin on a Monday, Body Attack on a Tuesday (MORNING!), Metafit in the afternoon and Body Combat at night… on a Wednesday I do Body Pump and then Spin…” BLAH BLAH BLAH. I’ve heard it all before. Very good – give yourself a pat on the back… Now – what did you have for breakfast this morning?
Typical things I hear and see – “you earned it, you can eat whatever you want – you work out ALL the time. You did two classes today – you DESERVE that chocolate, biscuit, crisps, bottle of wine” – the list goes on. You know what….? HELL YEAH YOU WORKED HARD!! Are you trying to lose body fat, lose weight, change your body shape, drop a dress size? Well then I’m sorry but I’ve got news for you. All those “treats” that you “DESERVE”….? They’re not gonna get you to your goals…. sorry to burst your bubble!
Good nutrition that is specific to your goals is 90% of the fat loss battle. You can’t out train a bad diet – and that is a FACT. You also can’t really be expected to know what is right and what is wrong due to the fact that there are literally HUNDREDS….THOUSANDS of “diets” on the marketplace these days who, by the way, are taking your money and filling your head full of complete and utter bullshit. 
The main big names that grind my gears are: HERBALIFE – World’s Number ONE in providing your body with the most potent chemical shit storm on the market. Congratulations – you just skipped another meal in favour of a powder that I wouldn’t even use as gym chalk for fear of it burning my hands. Weight Watchers and other slimming clubs who promote their pre-packaged, processed to buggery, filled with sugar, preservatives and additives SHITE. But hey, if you want to keep eating numbers instead of food? Be my guest. 

What happened to eating real, honest, fresh, organic, delicious, colourful food?

Those words make me happy. Fresh. Organic. No processing involved. Nourishing. I love food. In fact I would go as far as to say that it is one of the most important things in my life… Obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated. I’m dedicated to my health, are you?

So why do the vast majority of fitness class users not achieve their fat loss goals? Nutrition. Or lack thereof. How do I know this? Because I’ve been there. Yes, if you start using fitness classes after a lifetime of little to no physical activity – you WILL see your body change without doing too much to your diet. 

You’ve hit that point that you just can’t get past. You can’t understand why you can’t get rid of that last couple of kilos, that belly fat, those love handles …. how can that be… when you attend 300 fitness classes a week…? Nutrition. Or lack thereof. You can make a few simple changes to see huge results – and it’s not rocket science. You don’t need to count points or calories to achieve this – and you don’t need to eat rabbit food either. 
There is a question I need to ask you though. Do you REALLY want to change? Are you really ready or are you just talking a good game? Typical conversation….
I want to lose weight – but I just don’t have time, I have kids, I work full time, I have a husband, wife, partner to look after…… sorry what? If you don’t have time for your health – what exactly do you have time for? We all have the same 24 hours in a day – I have helped women with large families, full time hectic jobs, and busy lives to make small changes to their daily routines which have had HUGE impacts on their health.
Health will benefit your time management, your kids, your work, your partner. It becomes less about the weight loss and more about the life gain. How about some more energy and better sleep? More productivity at work and the ability to keep up with the kids? See what I mean….?
So, do you REALLY want to change? Or are you just good at talking a good game? Everybody can talk about what they “need” to do. It takes real raw determination and drive to walk the talk, though.  Ask me how you can cut your fitness classes in HALF – create extra hour gaps in your weekly life that will create a brand new life for you. Goals. We all have them, even if we don’t speak them aloud – and I want to get YOU to YOUR goals. 
99% of fitness class users DON’T achieve their weight loss goals… will you be the first one to step up and say – YEAH, that’s me! I’m the one who comes home from class and thinks I “deserve” that treat – every single night? Let’s work together to change the 99% to the people who come home from class and nourish their bodies with good nutrition – to get us all leaner, fitter and stronger. The way we were meant to be. 
It’s a lifestyle choice, not a diet. I, we, my clients, my friends, my family – we choose health. We want to live long lives to inspire our children, to be bursting with energy every single day. To be asked – where do you get all your energy? To be told – you look amazing! To pull on a pair of old skinny jeans and have them button up perfectly. To wake up each morning thinking – BRING IT ON! 
That’s what Walk the Talk Fitness is all about. It’s about your life, not your weight. It’s about the feeling not the numbers. It’s about waking up in the morning and feeling alive. It’s about knowing you’re doing everything you can to be healthy. It’s about knowing you can trust someone with your well-being, who has the qualifications & experience that you need to help you start YOUR own journey. It’s about having birthday cake and not feeling guilty. Because alone we are weak – together we are strong.
Leave the bullshit behind and start your journey today…
~ Rachael

Disclaimer: Statistics quoted in this blog were for illustrative purposes only and do not reflect any studies carried out on the subject. 

> We do not condone eating birthday cake every day. We just like to enjoy it once a year knowing that it won’t affect our health. We don’t “deserve” it. We just eat it because we want to.

> You are not a dog. Don’t reward yourself with food.  

> Stop talking. Start doing.  


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