What the fuck just happened to me…?


It seems a little bit strange to me that 24 hours after I had the words…









Inspiration and


…tattooed onto my left forearm, that I fell into a complete and utter meltdown and none of these values were even present within me anymore.

You see – these are my values. The things that I live my life with and the things that I live my life for.

I’ve written before about living with anxiety – you can read about it on this blog somewhere in the past posts. I thought that after 10 years I had pretty much beaten it and got it under control. Until two days ago.

About 12 weeks ago (maybe more) I aggravated my already completely fucked up inflamed piriformis (a rotator muscle that lies within your glutes) by squatting my own body weight on a barbell on my back. Stupid right? I’ve been in pain with this for over a year and yet I’m still training through it. Yes, looking back, VERY STUPID. But when you look in the mirror and you see something different to what other people see, it is VERY difficult to stop training. For I feared that if I missed a days training I would end up like some sort of saggy old blimp! I know this is not true – yet I could not stop. The muscle became so inflamed that it was putting pressure on my sciatic nerve – cue sciatic pain and weird feelings in my leg.

Tried everything from Bowen Therapy to the usual icing and stretching. I’ve been having sports massage now for 4 weeks and although it is excruciatingly sore, I can definitely feel the benefits. I’ve been referred to an orthopedic surgeon but god knows how long that will take!

Time off work.

^^ Might as well have written HELL ON EARTH.

Having my classes covered by other instructors, my one to one clients moved into groups and taken by Lorraine (thank God for her by the way!) – I have sat on my arse for the best part of 3-4 weeks now. Stressing out my head about not exercising and not training my clients. Feeling useless, stupid and bored. There’s only so much writing you can do before even the sound of your own hands on the keyboard starts to get annoying!

Cue Tuesday night, ironically after having an exploding head tattooed on me – my head exploded. Not literally, thankfully!

The headache is the worst. It feels as though someone is sitting on my eyebrows hitting my on the temples with a mallet. I’m dizzy and light headed and I keep forgetting things. Like whole days. I taught three of my classes on Wednesday night past, and I can only remember teaching two of them. Freak out! I’ve lost my appetite, I’m sleeping day and night and I have pretty much lost all motivation for every-fucking-thing. My IBS is the worst it’s been in years – until it settles I won’t go far from home. I was in Sainsburys yesterday afternoon and couldn’t remember how or when I’d even got there. It can be frightening!

^ ^ This is anxiety and this is what some people live with day in, day out. Fortunately, I know that this will pass – and I have the tools and mindset to not let it go on for much longer, I hope. I also know that sometimes you have just got to ride the storm. Things that help for me:

> Forcing myself to be around people…so I sat in a cafe yesterday for an hour even though I didn’t want to.

> Cups of tea with real milk and real sugar, because it comforts me

> Sleeping – LOADS. Which I have been doing

> Writing it down. So that when I look back in a few days time I can laugh it off.

> Exercise.

Fuck. I can’t exercise! Stupid hip injury! So this is why my anxiety has flared up MAJORLY. Exercising, believe it or not, is my drug of choice for my anxiety disorder. Remove it and I suppose it’s like taking someone off their anti-depressant medication without the phasing it out part. Lethal!

So tonight, I’m going to get back to exercise, and listen to my body when it says it’s had enough.

You’ve got to learn to listen to your body. Learn to listen to how your stress comes out. For me – it’s complete shut down mode. For you it could be ANYTHING. Upset stomachs, skin outbreaks, unexplained tiredness. I’m not a doctor so I can’t diagnose you with stress or anxiety. But what I can do is tell you that you have GOT to listen to your body. This is coming from someone who finds that very difficult!

I think I’ve managed to listen to mine before it got too late. I’ve slammed the brakes on now but you can be sure as hell that when my foot goes back on the accelerator – you better watch your back!

Rach ūüôā


Even the doctor is bullshitting you…

This post is in response to the many comments, emails, Facebook status updates and forum comments regarding my Herbalife / Juice Plus blog of last week. (https://tryandstaypositive.wordpress.com/2014/05/17/my-uncensored-opinion-on-meal-replacement-diets/)

You may have seen the argument put up by Herbalife distributors that their products are endorsed by a “board of doctors – including the only doctor ever to receive a NOBEL PRIZE in medicine”.¬†

Well, let me tell you a little bit about Dr. Louis¬†Ignarro. He turned his attention to Herbalife’s product “Niteworks” when he took to the stage in 2003 for the first time under Herbalife’s brand. This is the product he is responsible for – claiming it to reduce blood pressure, inhibit blood clots and strokes and protect against heart disease and diabetes type 2. Now, with this doctors’ absolutely glowing resume that without doubt boasts authority and trust (He is of course Professor of Pharmacology at UCLA‚Äôs Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology in Los Angeles) it goes without saying that the Herbalife distributors who were there to see him speak, took his words as the Holy Grail of nutritional supplements.¬†

What he didn’t tell them was the his product had NEVER BEEN TESTED ON HUMANS – only mice. Now, it doesn’t take a Nobel Prize winning doctor to assume that the only way to know if a product works on humans, is to test it on humans, right?¬†

What he didn’t tell them was that the key component of Niteworks (Argenine) is consumed every day in meat, fish, nuts and vegetables and the majority of the other ingredients occur naturally in our foods!

What he didn’t tell you was that he was promised a sum of $1MILLION in the first 12 months of the product release. His board agreed a royalty contract that even a Nobel prize winning doctor couldn’t knock back. All he had to do was endorse the product.¬†

What he didn’t tell you was that his entire medical fraternity turned their back on him when endorsing such an overpriced product (Costing US$90 per month).¬†

So – I’ll let you read that and make your mind up that yet again – you are being scammed, and bullshitted by Herbalife distributors into giving them your money in return for BULLSHIT products that you can get from eating REAL FOOD.¬†

What Dr. Ignarro fails to promote is the fact that EATING REAL FOOD lowers blood pressure, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, prevents obesity, lowers cholesterol, lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke, decreases risk of many cancers…. I COULD GO ON ALL DAY LONG.¬†

Some may say I am wasting my energy and time arguing my corner when it comes to meal replacement – but I don’t care. I will not stand back and watch large companies like this exploit people for their money. I will NOT stand back and watch personal trainers who should know better EXPLOIT their clients and put their health at risk when they should be educating them on real food. I will continue to stand for what I believe in and that is educating people on eating for health – with weight loss being a positive side effect of that.

I think that’s enough from me on your Sunday morning. PLEASE SHARE THIS.¬†

Rach x

How To Get the Most Out of Your Body Pump Class

Hopefully this will be useful to those thinking about starting¬†Body Pump and those who have been doing it for years! Sometimes we forget¬†what’s important….

It won’t take very much to get more out of your BodyPUMP class so here are some tips to get bigger results,¬†faster!¬† If you have any other questions feel free to email me on walkthetalkpt@gmail.com…. It is difficult as an instructor to get all the information across in a 60 minute class so here is some additional stuff which might help you get more from your workout…!

1.¬†High reps / low weights….¬†

I’ve recently noticed an increase in weights but a real decrease in range of movement and tempo within my BP classes and I want to make sure you get the most out of the class. All BodyPUMP tracks should be challenging and take your muscles to “overload” – but should not be so difficult that you can’t actually complete the track with good technique.

Listen to your instructors advice on weight selection – weight selection is guided from Les Mills as follows:

1. Warm-up – no more than 5kg on each side for women / 7.5kg for men

2. Squats РRegular participants 3-4 times your warmup weight (Newcomers double your warmup weight))

3. Chest РRegular participants take ONE THIRD away from your squat weight (Newcomers take half off)

4. Back – Changing per release however as a general rule should be slightly heavier than your chest weight

5. Triceps – Changes per release

6. Biceps – should resemble your warmup weight or slightly heavier (NEVER LESS THAN WU WEIGHT – you have been warned!)

7. Lunges – Changes per release but generally Chest/Back track weight

8. Shoulders – Warmup weight or heavier

Remember that RANGE OF MOVEMENT AND TEMPOS are MORE IMPORTANT than WEIGHT. There are tempos that we use in BodyPUMP Р2/2 , 3/1, 1/1/2, 4/4 (Super slow), 1/1 (Singles), bottom halfs and these should be followed as your instructor leads the class from set choreography. The tempos are there to challenge different parts of the muscle and to train your body in different ways Рthey should not be ignored. Let the music guide you!

Range of movement will come naturally, listen to your instructors cues who will tell you your target zones – try your best to reach these. If you cannot complete a track with full range of movement then you should consider lowering your weight. You will see quicker results this way.

¬†2. Don’t Skip the Stretches

 It really shocks me the number of people who skip the stretches between tracks and at the end. The stretches occur in the last five minutes of the class as well as IN BETWEEN TRACKS. Please stick around for the stretches. Your instructor will take offence otherwise.

3. Frequency

¬†It is recommended that you complete a strength training workout 2-3 times per week. This will allow your body to gain muscular strength, lean muscle mass, fat loss and protect your bones and joints. If you are attending a BodyPUMP class only once in a month or once in a while, your body isn’t receiving all the benefits this class has to offer. Do this class more frequently and you will increase your muscle tone, strength, and your overall health!

4. Come to Class Early! ūüôā

Your instructor will LOVE it if you come to class EARLY – especially if you’re new. On that note, if you are new, tell the instructor STRAIGHT AWAY, don’t be shy, and don’t copy what the rest of the class are doing. Your instructor will help you get set up for the first time & make sure you’re good to go. ASK US QUESTIONS!

5. Ask Questions…

Don’t be shy – your instructor is there to help you. If you have any questions related to the class, always ask!

Hope these tips help you – new or regular participant we should all be making the most of these 60 minutes!


How to Choose a Personal Trainer

If you’re thinking of getting a personal trainer to help you achieve your goals there are a few things that you need to take into consideration. You are about to make an investment in your health, lifestyle and fitness and it is vital that you find the right personal trainer to help YOU achieve YOUR goals. Here are a few things that you should take into consideration:

> Ask Questions:¬†when you are looking for a personal trainer, chances are you’ve Googled it, or gone by a recommendation from a friend, family member or colleague. When contacting a personal trainer, or personal training company for the first time you should ask for a free consultation so that you can interview the trainer and ask questions. If they do not offer this service, find someone else. All trainers should be willing to meet with you, free of charge in the first instance. Here are some questions you could ask:

  • What kind of experience and qualifications do you have?
  • What sort of motivational techniques do you use? How will you keep me accountable?
  • What sort of workout plan would you devise for me based on ….. goals?
  • How often will my workout plan change?
  • Do you have current clients I could speak to regarding your training?

> Reputation – You’ve most probably been given a few recommendations from friends as to who or what company you should go to for personal training. It’s really important that you check these out by looking at their website for testimonials from their current or previous clients. If your goal is fat loss for example, and you see positive testimonials from previous clients who have had success in this area then the next step would be to give this trainer, or company a phone call. Don’t be afraid to ask for contact details of some of their clients so that you can speak to them, ask them questions and get real LIVE testimonials. Any reputable personal trainer will be more than happy to do this.¬†

> ¬†Experience & Qualifications – Make sure your personal trainer is fully qualified and EXPERIENCED in their chosen field (relating to your goals of course, be that fat loss, strength and conditioning, weight gain, body building etc). Ask to see their qualifications if you are unsure. It would also be a good idea to ask to see examples of their previous successes with clients. Be aware that anybody can become a “qualified personal trainer” in around 6 weeks nowadays with fast-track courses. This does not mean that they are qualified to be giving you advice on your goals. Experience is priceless. If you are looking for advice with your diet or nutrition – make sure the personal trainer you choose is QUALIFIED to give you this advice as this does not come as standard with a personal training qualification. The job title “Personal Trainer” is not regulated and your next door neighbour could call themselves this without any qualifications.¬†

> What sort of training packages do they offer? 

  • What kind of packages do they offer? Normally, the more sessions to buy in advance, the cheaper it becomes per session. Also ask for payment options – do you need to pay the full amount up front or can you pay in installments?
  • Can you buy individual sessions?¬†
  • What is the refund policy?¬†
  • Do they offer group training sessions? If you can find a couple of friends to train with that have similar goals, it is going to cost you less per person if you train as a group. Most Personal trainers offer this option.¬†
  • If you buy a package, make sure you ask if it has an expiry date on it. Make sure you are able to use all the sessions you book before the block expires. Most personal trainers have an expiry date on block bookings so make sure you check.¬†
  • Make sure your personal trainer can commit to training you at times that suit you. If they can’t commit – find someone who can.
  • What sort of fitness assessments will you be required to undertake? Your personal trainer should keep you accountable for your results but taking measurements or asking you to take measurements and record these. How will you be kept accountable for them?
  • What is their cancellation policy? Most personal trainers will have a 24-48 hour cancellation policy whereby if you cancel a session at late notice, you will be required to forfeit that session.

> Do You “Click”? – So you’ve had your free consultation, you’ve asked the questions you need to ask and got some answers. How do you feel about the person sat across from you? Do they interact well with you, are they chatty, do they seem interested in your goals? What is your gut feeling saying about them? Would you trust them? If the answer is yes, then it might be time to check out their testimonials, speak to current clients and find out a bit more. If your gut feeling says no, walk away and start the process again. There are lots of different types of personal trainers out there, and you need to find one that you connect with otherwise you will be wasting yours and their time.

Warning Signs to Look Out For

The first warning sign to look out for is a personal trainer who tries to sell you supplements of any kind. Many trainers earn commission for the products they sell, which could be a conflict of interest. For the vast majority (excluding body building), supplements including protein powders, fat burners including but not limited to raspberry ketones, CLA, T5s and others should never be necessary to achieve your goals. These are not regulated nor have any valid scientific backing to prove they do what they say on the packet. Your trainer should focus on you getting all your nutritional needs from a healthy and balanced diet. Find a trainer who isn’t going to push these kinds of products in order for you to achieve your goals.¬†


I hope this has helped you in your search for your personal trainer… and if all else fails – pop to http://www.walkthetalkfitness.co.uk. You can trust us to change your world.¬†