Even the doctor is bullshitting you…

This post is in response to the many comments, emails, Facebook status updates and forum comments regarding my Herbalife / Juice Plus blog of last week. (https://tryandstaypositive.wordpress.com/2014/05/17/my-uncensored-opinion-on-meal-replacement-diets/)

You may have seen the argument put up by Herbalife distributors that their products are endorsed by a “board of doctors – including the only doctor ever to receive a NOBEL PRIZE in medicine”. 

Well, let me tell you a little bit about Dr. Louis Ignarro. He turned his attention to Herbalife’s product “Niteworks” when he took to the stage in 2003 for the first time under Herbalife’s brand. This is the product he is responsible for – claiming it to reduce blood pressure, inhibit blood clots and strokes and protect against heart disease and diabetes type 2. Now, with this doctors’ absolutely glowing resume that without doubt boasts authority and trust (He is of course Professor of Pharmacology at UCLA’s Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology in Los Angeles) it goes without saying that the Herbalife distributors who were there to see him speak, took his words as the Holy Grail of nutritional supplements. 

What he didn’t tell them was the his product had NEVER BEEN TESTED ON HUMANS – only mice. Now, it doesn’t take a Nobel Prize winning doctor to assume that the only way to know if a product works on humans, is to test it on humans, right? 

What he didn’t tell them was that the key component of Niteworks (Argenine) is consumed every day in meat, fish, nuts and vegetables and the majority of the other ingredients occur naturally in our foods!

What he didn’t tell you was that he was promised a sum of $1MILLION in the first 12 months of the product release. His board agreed a royalty contract that even a Nobel prize winning doctor couldn’t knock back. All he had to do was endorse the product. 

What he didn’t tell you was that his entire medical fraternity turned their back on him when endorsing such an overpriced product (Costing US$90 per month). 

So – I’ll let you read that and make your mind up that yet again – you are being scammed, and bullshitted by Herbalife distributors into giving them your money in return for BULLSHIT products that you can get from eating REAL FOOD. 

What Dr. Ignarro fails to promote is the fact that EATING REAL FOOD lowers blood pressure, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, prevents obesity, lowers cholesterol, lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke, decreases risk of many cancers…. I COULD GO ON ALL DAY LONG. 

Some may say I am wasting my energy and time arguing my corner when it comes to meal replacement – but I don’t care. I will not stand back and watch large companies like this exploit people for their money. I will NOT stand back and watch personal trainers who should know better EXPLOIT their clients and put their health at risk when they should be educating them on real food. I will continue to stand for what I believe in and that is educating people on eating for health – with weight loss being a positive side effect of that.

I think that’s enough from me on your Sunday morning. PLEASE SHARE THIS. 

Rach x


Jo’s Testimonial

Weight watchers, slimming world, diet pills, hundreds of exercise I’ve done em all to try n lose weight and they worked.
Temporarily then I gained what I lost and extra because I hadn’t actually learned about nutrition.
Bottom line is I ate sugar laden crap all the time and drank like a fish … Not just booze but diet fizzy drinks up to 6 times a day. 
Then one day I was getting ready for a night out ….. Nothing fitted, I felt terrible, bloated and hated pics of myself n thought it’s time to change. 
Along comes Rachael and her words of wisdom …….nutrition is key you cant exercise away a bad diet.
Boom it’s all changed it was tough at first but I’m a changed woman ….and a substantially skinnier woman !
I’ve more energy, I sleep better , my skin is better and to quote a work colleague “you’re unrecognisable” 
That’s good enough for me and I don’t go hungry 🙂 


The problem with Paleo (Part 1)



Are you on the Paleo Diet? If I sign up with you, are you putting me
on the Paleo Diet? Are your clients on the Paleo Diet? 

No. No. No. No. NOOOOOO.

If I wanted you to go on the “Paleo Diet” – I would send you to the
“Whole30” website or some shit. I wouldn’t ask you to invest in 
my training if I was just going to shove some standard cookie cutter
program in your face and tell you to get on with it! If you don’t
know what the Paleo Diet is – just go here –http://thepaleodiet.com/

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t have a problem with paleolithic eating. 
Who could argue with eating only fresh, grass-fed, open range meat,
poultry and fish along with plentiful fruit, vegetables and good
oils like coconut oil and olive oil? I get it. It works. I’ve been
there, done that, got the T-Shirt – and IT WORKS! Hell, if we all
ate like this – then our country wouldn’t be in the epidemic of obesity
that we’re in, putting a massive strain on our health service and

61.9% of people in Scotland are overweight or obese. 65% of men and 
58% of women in England are overweight or obese. 

I’ll just let those statistics sink in for one minute…

Let me put this into perspective for you. 
In 1995 – 52.4% of us in Scotland were overweight or obese. That’s
a 9.5% increase in the past 17 years. Imagine if this was to increase
at this rate??? I don’t need to say anymore. 

So, what is the problem with Paleo? Yes – it works. You lose weight,
you get healthier and then what happens? You plateau. The fat loss
stalls, and you’re sitting there with your head in your hands
wondering what the fuck to do next. You don’t have a coach or a 
trainer to ask what on earth is happening so you just revert back
to the way you were eating before. Right? RIGHT. I know this – because
I’ve done it! Nowhere does it mention portion sizes or macronutrient
breakdowns depending on YOUR GOALS and YOUR BODY. It just gives you
a list of foods to enjoy and says go eat them. In abundance. Yes,
the fat loss DOES happen – mostly because in the first few weeks
you’re sitting going “what the fuck can I eat” instead of actually

If you want some cool recipe ideas – head over here and buy my new
cookbook – you’ll also be supporting my future editions so go now!

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The Paleo Diet is MASSIVELY successful. If it is executed with the
correct guidance – and is tailored, by a professional, to YOUR 
requirements. Eating a paleolithic based diet will have you lose
weight, reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes,
metabolic syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome to name just a few! 
So what is the problem with Paleo? In my opinion, it creates 
disordered eating. It eliminates ice cream, chocolate, pasta – the
things we love to eat and that make us social creatures – making us
less likely to stick to it, get a case of the “fuck its” and binge. 
I know this because I’VE BEEN THERE! And I know you have too – 
because now you’re laughing at the “fuck its” – let’s face it, we’ve
all done it! I’ll tell you more about my experience with Paleo another

So, if you are truly serious about losing weight, and not becoming
an obesity statistic – what can you do about it? Firstly, stop
pissing around with the likes of Slimming World and Weight Watchers.
Giving them £30 a month to weigh you in a room full of other people
really is complete nonsense. Not to mention the amount of money
you spend on their branded bullshittery products that are full of
chemicals with names longer than I can pronounce. STOP following
diets that your colleagues have told you about. This is YOUR journey,
not theirs. STOP reading propaganda online about how you can lose 6lbs
in 5 days by only eating eggs and grapefruit (no really, this is
actually a thing!). 

HIRE A PROFESSIONAL who will motivate you, plan for you and most
importantly KEEP YOU ACCOUNTABLE for your actions. You can apply
for one of my fat loss programs by e-mailing me back –

>> rachael@walkthetalkfitness.co.uk <<

I only work with driven, motivated, hard-working people who will
literally do WHATEVER IT TAKES to achieve their goals. That’s why
I now have an application process for my programs. I don’t just 
work with anyone. So if you’re READY TO CHANGE YOUR BODY right now, 
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Rachael (I eat what I want when I want) Watson